CCTV / Security Cameras

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We are your CCTV & Security Cameras experts at Northern Interior Finishes

Cutting edge security technology

CCTV and Security Camera installation and management has become Northern Interior Finishes’ forte in the last few years. No facility should go without CCTV in the 21stcentury. Cutting edge technology and emerging markets have made security technology very affordable. Even the most basic options includes access to security footage on your mobile device. In recent times, high tech CCTV was only accessible to the businesses (e.g. banks and casinos) with limitless budgets, but cost have come down so much that no business can afford to go without it.

High definition security footage’s crucial at times of need to help identify difficult situations. Dated CCTV can sometimes impede progress and with how quickly technology has moved forward, upgrading is a necessity if your technology is over 8 years old. The Greater Toronto Area is world renowned for safety, but it is paramount to always be ready in times of need.

Even if your hotel is boutique or if your conference facility can host over 30,000 guests,there’s a CCTV package that fits your needs. Northern Interior Finishes works in tandem with an experienced crew of CCTV technicians that have done work in high security places such as banks and government buildings. Places like this command a level of higher degree of intricacy which gives our technicians an edge when it comes to technology and installation.

Because we are your one stop shop for all thing’s interior renovations; our crews work in tandem so there are no delays or stalls in progress. Your security team is now more professional than ever and are required to do more as well. Giving them the tools to free them from their desk is beneficial for both your staff and expenses. Connect with us and we’ll send our lead CCTV project manager to visit your facility and provide you with a free consultation.